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07 Jun
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Namal’s Story

Namal Pushpakumara – Grew up in rural poor family as a second child in five children family. He had to stop schooling at his 11 years old because he had to feed 6 members in his family. Therefore he used to work at brick furnace place near the river in his village, but unfortunately during flooded time, because river overflows its bank, brick furnace is closed, he had no income to survive his family at that time, Therefore owner of brick house brick furnace bought him to owners brothers place, He had a garage, So Namal was used to work at a garage, and he learnt everything very well. Those days he sat in the vehicle repairing section, watching mechanics at work and dreaming of one day owning a high end of Auto part shop.

Namal’s story: “I had a job, but I realized I was confined. At that time I met an officer at SED. Then I also talk with him and he helped me to buy a rent building and to start Auto part business. My job got me enough money to buy a rental building, I was working seven days a week to earn money to start my business. Now I have seven Auto part branches island wide.

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