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07 Jun
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Jayanath’s Story

                           “Accept new challenges as opportunities”

Jayanath is carrying his cultivation out of traditional crop cultivation at Gamwela village in Dumbara valley. After doing A/L he has completed NVQ level 4 for the electrical works and worked at many places. But he was fed up with working under others and thought to start his own business. Then he was tending to find the market. Then he found that chili cultivation has good price and stability. Then he started to cultivate Chili at 1000 sq. ft. and now he has a 5000 sq. ft land after spending four years of his own business.


Jayanath’s story: After Completing My Electrical course I worked under several companies. But   I realized I cannot success working like this. Therefore I thought to start my own cultivation. After finding market details I thought Chili cultivation was better than others,, because I can do this out of traditional farming and cultivation like spreading mud throughout the body.

Because I have not enough money and knowledge “Govijana” and “Samurdhi” Bank helped me to carry on this business. I have got the GAP certificate (Good Agricultural Practices) for my cultivation through the department of agriculture. Under the “Swashakthi” loan scheme, I met an officer at Small Enterprise Development Division. In there I was selected for their 12 days entrepreneurship development training program. Actually it was a great opportunity to me to develop my business, because I did not have any business management knowledge at that time, they taught me to keep accounting records and various tricks to develop my business. Therefore with the help of SED I have developed so far and no I am dreaming to extend my land up to 10,000 sq ft. for my cultivation.

Finally I am telling you do not afraid to accept new challenges.

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