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07 Jun
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Indika’s Story

“We can stand by our own feet”

Indika was spending alone miserable life after the death of his parent.  He was confused and he has nothing to do to survive. But at that time he has passed his A/L. Therefore he got training at government bank at that time. When he was doing his job he was fed up with his training and he needed to do a business by own, because he thought that if he starts a business he could develop a lot. Finally with the help of Small Enterprises Development Division he started pine cultivation and now he has pine cultivation in Thalathugoda and Nawalapitiya areas at hill country Sri Lanka. Today he has joint with pine milk Export Company and he is expecting to produce turpentine in Sri Lanka and export it also

Indika’s story: After the death of parents I could not find a way to survive. Because of I have passed my A/L at that time I got training at government bank. While I am working at bank I found that always business men come to the bank to deposit money. Then I also had an interest to start a business. At that time I met an officer at Small Enterprise Development Division. Then they helped me to start a business well. I stated pine extract project from Hanthana and now I have pine cultivation in Nawalapitiya and Thathugoda  at hill country.


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