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20 Dec
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Duminda’s Story

SEDD developed Entrepreneurs Who Built Their Businesses from Nothing :
Duminda is an owner of DEPLO Apreal. He has BSC. (special) Business Administration degree. Although he had a degree he did not enter to the unemployment batch of the Country. He won his own dream by fitting within various obstacles. After finishing his degree he has done lots of jobs at Colombo. And he started various businesses. But all were unsuccessful. Finally he came to his own house and one day he saw his elder sister was sewing garments. Then he got an idea to start a business to sew garments. Now he has a factory that manufacturing T shirts and curtains.
Jayantha’s story: After finishing My Degree, I did several jobs; I could not get any successful results from them. But Finally I thought to start the garment factory with my sister, because she has a skill to sew garments. Those days I had little amount of money by doing previous jobs. Then I bought a sewing marching to my business. But after starting business we had to close it several times because of financial problems. Therefore one day I went to RDB bank to talk about loan scheme. Then I got a loan and bought a building sell garments. But I felt my business was little bit messy. That time I met the SED at District Secretariat Office. They helped me a lot to develop my business up to this level

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