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SED Admin 25 Mar, 2024

Are you Looking for get a loan

Are you Looking for get a loan to grow your business? Joi...

SED Admin 25 Mar, 2024

Start a Cereal-Related Business

Join the following program for those who want to start a ...

SED Admin 25 Mar, 2024

Build your dream in the Anthurium Business

Do you also want to build your dream in the anthurium bus...

SED Admin 25 Mar, 2024

How to Get GMP Certification

Do you want GMP certification to go on your business perf...


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Duminda’s Story

Duminda is an owner of DEPLO Apreal. He has BSC. (special) Business Administration degree. Although he had a degree he did not enter to the unemployment batch of the Country. He won his own dream by fitting within various obstacles.

Namal’s Story

Namal Pushpakumaragrew up in rural poor family as a second child in five children family. He had to stop schooling at his 11 years old because he had to feed 6 members in his family. Therefore he used to work at brick furnace place near the river in his village,

Jayanath’s Story

Jayanath is carrying his cultivation out of traditional crop cultivation at Gamwela village in Dumbara valley. After doing A/L he has completed NVQ level 4 for the electrical works and worked at many places. But he was fed up with working

Indika’s Story

Indika was spending alone miserable life after the death of his parent.  He was confused and he has nothing to do to survive. But at that time he has passed his A/L. Therefore he got training at government bank at that time. When he was doing his job he was fed up with his