Road Map

Small Enterprises Development Division was established in the year 1982 with the objective of implementing suitable programs to assist generation of enterprises in the sectors with potential for economic development of the country and to assist development of already existing small enterprises originally. At very the first, It was established as a separate division of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Employments. At present It is functioning as a separate division under the Ministry of National Policies and Economics Affairs. It runs offices in each district including in Northern and Eastern provinces and these offices are located within the premises of District Secretariats in the respective districts in order to facilitate the member of the public to obtain their required services.
To deliver Entrepreneurship oriented services SED has formed following seven units recently
  • Entrepreneurship development unit
  • Marketing development unit
  • Financial and supportive services unit
  • Business consultancy unit
  • Technology and Innovation unit
  • Research and development unit
  • Administration and Human resource unit
Especially our services and facilities targeted to the unemployed youth are being implemented while service facilities are widely made available to the adult community as well who expect to start new enterprises or to improve their existing enterprises. Major role of the establishment is to induce persons to start new enterprises in the potential sector and to improve already existing enterprises and to conduct training programs for the improvement of skills, knowledge and attitudes in entrepreneurship and for the development of enterprises with aim of creating an entrepreneurial culture in Sri Lanka.


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